Geocaching Lab ideas

I applied to be a Lab Cache creator today. I have a few ideas that I think might make interesting finds…​

Last Voice of America transmitter facilities in the USA

There is quite a bit of history surrounding the Voice of America (VOA). If you drill down to the technical piece of it, there is only one VOA transmitter facility left in the U.S.A. (the others being on foreign soil). It would be cool to bring people to the VOA Site A, B, and C near the City of Greenville, NC, and provide a little bit of history.

Art Park, North Beach, Maryland

Last time I was in this park there were six statues and several walking paths that I bet many people don’t know about. A water feature adds to the ambiance and the park is just a nice place to visit. It is also conveniently located just down the road from the retail area of the town and across the street from the Chesapeake Bay.

Annmarie Sculputure Garden and Arts Center, Solomons, Maryland

While the art inside the building is constantly changing, the statues outside is fairly static. With more than twenty-two statues or other works of art to look at, there are lots of opportunities here to introduce people to the world of sculpture art.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Now this would be a biggie! I may have an inside track on putting something together here but, again, they rotate their art regularly so…​ ?

The Cleveland History Museum

Now this is a fun place to go. A better name for the place might be "The Cleveland Attic" as it seems like it might be a very well curated collection of…​ stuff. Still, it’s quite a fun place to go!