Monthly Archives: October 2007

IARU's Worked All Continents – RTTY Award

On October 20th I completed my application and sent my cards to the ARRL for verification that I had met the requirements for the IARU’s “Worked All Continents” award. Exactly seven days later I not only had my cards returned but also had my certificate as well. Now that is fast!

By the way, I opted for the RTTY version vice the “mixed” version. I wonder if that will come back to haunt me later. Onward to DXCC and WAS!

Stuck Poles

Don’t you hate it when you have one of those 30 foot expandable poles that you can’t get to extend? Well the YL and I worked for about an hour on two poles that were having the same problem: the center pole wouldn’t extend from outer pole. Solution? Tie one end of the pole to a tree and the other end (the center section) to the back of my truck.

Worked like a charm.

HF Propagation Extension for Firefox

I just learned of a plug-in for Firefox that automatically polls and displays the current solar index and other propagation numbers right on the status bar in Firefox. N0HR Propfire is the name of the plug-in and it seems to work just fine. It will automatically poll to obtain the information and will display the information at the bottom of your screen and provides you links for getting more information.

November Sweepstakes

It appears that I’ll be working the November Sweepstakes with friends this year. Ed, KN4KL, will (hopefully) be sponsoring us at his house for the contest and will be joined by Jeremy, KO4SJ, and Jason, N4ZBE. There was even a rumor about Amanda, KI4IWS, joining in the fun. I guess we’ll see as the time comes nearer.

QSLs out for delivery

Got 114 QSLs mailed to the ARRL Outgoing Bureau yesterday. Costs less than $3.00 for shipping so I’m happy about that. I also sent out a handful of DX cards via Airmail as well. All but five have been sent as I’m waiting for IRCs from the Post Office (they are out in Portsmouth). Hopefully my mailbox will start filling up soon! 🙂

QSLs from CQ WW RTTY DX Contest

Would you believe that it hasn’t even been 24-hours since the end of the CQ WW RTTY DX contest and I’ve already have 22% of my QSOs confirmed? I just checked the ARRL’s LoTW and noted that I have 52 of my 240 contacts confirmed from over the weekend. Those QSLs account for the following countries:

  • USA
  • Denmark
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Bonaire, Curacao
  • England
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • CzechRepublic
  • France
  • Puerto Rico
  • Wales
  • Canada
  • Spain

The best part about LoTW is that it doesn’t cost a thing. I could have spent around $50 and lots of time waiting for my QSLs to be confirmed but with the LoTW system it is free and confirms the contact almost instantaneously when both parties upload their logs into the system.