Monthly Archives: March 2008

Weather Software for Fedora or Linux?

I’m looking for weather forecasting software and EMWIN software for Linux. Has anyone seen anything out there? Still doing some searching, though.

UPDATE: I’m not looking for a piece of software to download the forecast from the NWS, I’m looking for weather analysis software.

I’m scared of my upcoming Vista experience.

I just got “training” on purchasing computers for the Fortune 100 company I work for. We do a lease with a large computer company and we send back computers that have expired warranties and lease new ones a few times a year.

After seeing the “Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Business…” statement on the laptops we asked for this morning I has a sudden flashback to looking at the sticker on my laptop (“Warranty End: 11/03/2008”). YIKES! I hadn’t thought I would be thrown under the bus so soon.

So I’m grasping at straws to try to make this event less painful. Due to my position, I have two XP partitions and a Fedora (FC5) partition on my laptop. I don’t really use the Fedora side of the house unless I’m really trying to… umm… break something. This is largely due to my inability to connect to my company’s e-mail server without using the “Exchange” protocol. I’ve tried IMAP4 and POP3 without success. I need to call the helpdesk but I don’t really want to alert IT that I’m doing something outside the scope of their… umm… expertise.

So it looks like I have a few months before anything happens but I’m going to be looking hard at installing CentOS 5.1 with a couple of VMs (F9, Rawhide, etc). I might even install a Vista VM just so I know how to attack it.

NetworkManager… Where is the prefered WiFi list?

I know somewhere there has to be a file that retains information on the wireless access points (WAP) that you connect to using Network Manager. Anyone know the name of that file?

Amanda was visiting a friend up in Cleveland a while back and connected to her friend’s WAP (named linksys). Now every time she gets near a “linksys” WAP her computer will jump to it. That includes being at home a mere twenty feet from our own WAP (not named “linksys”). Not only is it very annoying to her but it also poses a security risk to her data and could possibly be illegal.

I haven’t had a chance to really investigate this problem, either, as she is always using her computer for school. Maybe I can steal it away at 5 in the morning to take a closer look at the issue.