Monthly Archives: April 2008

OGG on Windows Media Player

I’m working on relearning Morse Code and had ripped a couple of training CDs the other night to make it easier to take my learning with me. This morning I copied all the OGG files onto my flash drive so I could take them to work and listen to them there not thinking that OGG would be problematic on my Windoze work computer.

People keep telling me “Google is your friend”. Yep, a quick search yielded a good link to a codec that will allow Windows Media Player to understand and play my OGG files.

Microsoft for Apple leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The school newspaper where my wife is a student reported yesterday that William and Mary would start giving students an option for what computer (and thus operating system) they could run. Apple will be coming to the campus starting this summer. I’m all about giving people an option away from Microsoft and Apple isn’t a bad way to do just that. What got me was the sentence “IT Services will continue to offer Microsoft Office to students at reduced prices.” I simply cannot understand why a college or university wouldn’t be pushing open source solutions to students that are already on a fixed income. And while $90 is a lot better than paying regular price for another broken Microsoft product I prefer my OpenOffice software. It does everything that Microsoft Office does only better.

HF Noise Floor

Last night John and I were up on 75 ragchewing and we noted the relatively high noise floor. Now it is 13:50z and the noise floor still seems high on some bands. Here are the current conditions:

160m – S5
80m – S3
75m – S5 with static crashes (nearby thunderstorms)
60m – 0
40m – S3 with static crashes
30m – 0
20m – 0
17m – 0
15m – 0
12m – S4
10m – S1
6m – 0

Sun Ray

I had the pleasure of helping a colleague with some security testing at his customer’s facility this week. I had asked what I was going to be testing and was told that there were some Sun Solaris servers and a few Microsoft Server 2003 boxes but that’s all I was told. When I arrived at the customer’s site, I was given a thin client to do my work from. Surprised, I looked around and with the exception of a few laptops everyone was working off of these Sun Ray thin clients! I was very impressed at how these devices used PKI for managing sessions and how simple everything was. I’m going to have to investigate this further as I could see this as the new, old wave of the future.

Shell History Meme

Just catching up on reading Fedora Planet and saw I was behind!

[christensene@localhost ~]$ history | awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
221 exit
115 su
105 mutt
91 screen
88 sudo
62 ll
38 nano
35 cd
30 xastir
19 gpg

This shows that I haven’t really had much time to play!

DOC v. PDF v. ODF… size wise

At my job we create very large documents for customers explaining how we are going to test their systems. These documents are usually a couple thousand pages long which means the files can also get pretty large.

I got curious to see how big the file would be based on the “type” of file that it was. Here are some of the numbers I came up with:

Microsoft Word .DOC file = 30,627 KB
Adobe Acrobat .PDF file = 12,610 KB .ODT file = 1,052 KB

There is something that just isn’t right about those results. You mean to tell me that I could just e-mail that one file to my customer instead of burning one of the other files to a CD or DVD and FedEx’ing it to them? I guess this also shows how bloated Microsoft makes their documents. I wish I could use OpenOffice at work!