Monthly Archives: November 2008

USB 3.0

For those that were waiting for a faster way to transfer files via USB your ship has come in.  Laboratory Equipment wrote in their news that the USB 3.0 specification has been written and is now available for implementers.  The specification is available at  USB 3.0 has upped the transfer rate from 480 Mbps to 4.8Gbps and has optimized its power efficiency.

I, for one, can’t wait to see these new devices on the street!

Help Needed…

Okay, here’s the situation. My wife came to me tonight and said that her computer had locked up trying to save a file and that she had rebooted her computer and now she can’t open the file at all. When I looked at it the first thing that came to my mind was that she had corrupted the file by downing the computer during the save. I can reproduce it every time and can’t get it to work correctly.

Here’s how it goes down… Using’s writer I take a file and try to save it as a .doc. When I’m watching top, swriter.bin uses 100% of the CPU for as long as I let it run. If I try to save that file in ODF format I get the following error:

Error saving document TODO :
Error in writing sub-document styles.xml

We’ve also noticed that she gets a memory error when trying to email something using Thunderbird. I’m trying to figure out if this is a software issue or a hardware issue. Anyone have any ideas???

UPDATE: Figured out the problem and it has been remedied. The bigger problem is the corrupt files. Thanks to those that left messages about how to get into an ODF file but of course she was using .doc as she is working with people that use Microshaft Word. So, anyone know how to get into a .doc file?

Passport to World Band Radio

I received my copy of “Passport to World Band Radio” (ISBN 978-0-914941-80-4) in the mail the other day. Since I received it I haven’t been able to put it down. It is a heftier book that what I was expecting at over 500 pages of information on shortwave broadcasts. A good deal, in my opinion.

The book is written to help a person that doesn’t know anything about shortwave to be able to make an informed purchase of a receiver and be able to tune in the world with no other resources. I’ve been listening to the BBC World Service, VOA, and other broadcasts for a number of years and found that the frequency charts, broadcast times, and the “Ten of the best shows for 2009” are valuable even for an experienced user.

If you are interested in shortwave broadcast and haven’t picked this book up I think you definitely should.