Monthly Archives: February 2009

Feeling international this week.

A friend of mine in the Fedora Project reminded me how much fun Ham Radio really is.  That was at the beginning of February and since then I have put almost 300 new contacts in my logbook.  I have also logged more hours on the nets I used to frequent and listened to more foreign broadcast on shortwave.  I remember when my mailman expected to either pick up or deliver a letter with an overseas address on it but until recently I had no reason to use my airmail stamps.  But with just that little nudge on the lower portion of 80m I am getting back in the saddle. Anyone know of a good 10m-20m beam that I can pickup?

10m Repeaters

A few years ago, when I had just passed my General test, the solar cycle was still up to where I could hear 10 meter repeaters all over the east coast.  I used to chat with the owner of a 10-meter repeater on the island of Puerto Rico often.  The sound of those repeaters were just magic to me.  Earlier today there was a brief 10-meter opening.  I rushed up the band to see if I could hear any of those repeaters.  I was greeted by only one which was way down in the noise.  Maybe one day soon they will all be back.

Bureau cards received today

I was surprised to see a bureau envelope in my mailbox today. I really wasn’t expecting it as I haven’t really been on the air that much but some how they had some cards for me.

Cards received today:
SP9LJD – Poland
NP2/AK2P – St. Croix Island
LX7I – Luxembourg
VE2AXO – Quebec
OL3Z – Czech Republic
VE2XAA – Montreal
OK1DO – Czech Republic
DR1A – Germany
VE1MC – Nova Scotia
VA1CHP – Nova Scotia
ON4IQ – Belgium
OK1CF – Czech Republic

A bad start to the week.

Today hasn’t been the best start to what should otherwise be a good week.

  1. Woke up this morning and checked my work email and discovered that apparently I need someone who hasn’t a clue how to do my job to tell me how to do my job. This means that I’ll have another month (at least) of doing nothing until they realize that I need to do my job the way I’m supposed to. I think it’s called “chasing one’s tail”.
  2. My wife is complaining about OpenOffice and how it doesn’t conform to Microsoft Office standards of which her school uses as a standard. Nothing written down to say your margins have to be this or your footnotes should look like that, just “however Word does it”.
  3. Over the weekend I moved all my working files from my laptop, which is quickly moving towards becoming deceased, to my desktop which has been my acting “server” for the last year and a half. I get to work and realize that I overwrote my public keys file so I can’t login from work.

It’s days like today that I feel like I just need to go back home and pull the covers up over my head try to forget about the morning.