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Looking to purchase a laptop with Linux

With starting my new job I’m looking at purchasing a new laptop for work.  Beyond the solid state drive, i5 or i7 processor, and lots of RAM, I want to purchase a laptop without the Microsoft tax.  I don’t use Windows and I certainly don’t want to reward Microsoft for poor behavior.

Anyone have any recommendations on where to spend my money?  The only requirements of my new employer is to purchase a three-year support contract so I will need a company to do that.

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DXpedition to Core Banks NA-067

Picture of Amanda operating HF.

Amanda, KI4IWS, operating HF on Core Banks.

A small cadre of hams invaded Core Banks (Portsmouth Island), North Carolina (NA-067) for the 2011 Islands on the Air (IOTA) contest as N4I.  Although many others activated NA-067 from other islands that were much easier to get to, Eric W4OTN, Amanda KI4IWS, Bill KG4CXY, Leslie, and Robyn WA4WPD packed gear up in a few vehicles and took a boat over to the island where we took refuge in a rental cabin provided by the National Park Service.

Picture of the Core Banks rental cabin

Core Banks rental cabin with antenna.

Officially part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, Core Banks is a strip of barrier island off the coast of North Carolina just south of Ocracoke Island and north of Morehead City.  The cabin is actually a duplex; we rented both sides and used one for our radios while the other side held our food and sleeping quarters.  Antennas included a dipole and a vertical loop that faced the Atlantic Ocean.  Overall, signals were good and 111 contacts were made to 40 DXCC entities using phone, CW, and digital modes during the operating period.  Unfortunately, we really aren’t contesters and spent more time conversing than transmitting as one could tell from the low QSO count.  Overall we had fun operating which is what matters.

Amanda not on the radio.

Amanda KI4IWS not on the radio.

Picture of Robyn WA4WPD and Bill KG4CXY working DX on Core Banks.

Robyn WA4WPD and Bill KG4CXY working DX on Core Banks.

The Portsmouth Island Four.

The Portsmouth Island Four (the fifth is taking the picture).