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Southeast LinuxFest 2012 Announced

Southeast LinuxFest (SELF) 2012 will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is a much better option than Atlanta or wherever the other proposed locations were.  I am excited to see what talks will be offered this year.  I am also thinking of taking the train down the Charlotte.  From Richmond the train goes through the cities of Raleigh, Cary, and Durham, to name a few.  Perhaps we can have a hacking car on the way down!

New year, updated keys.

GnuPG LogoI run a SKS key server and watch my daily numbers to see how many keys get updated, etc.  Being a numbers guy I wondered how many people, like me, update their GPG keys, I specifically update the expiration date and generate new encryption keys annually, at the beginning of the new year.  Apparently I’m not alone:

Daily Histogram

Time New Keys Updated Keys
2012-01-02 266 210
2012-01-01 251 6422
2011-12-31 191 99
2011-12-30 287 133
2011-12-29 326 112
2011-12-28 297 154
2011-12-27 290 133
2011-12-26 248 84
2011-12-25 146 55
2011-12-24 157 81
2011-12-23 216 99
2011-12-22 330 152
2011-12-21 326 146

Specifically these keys were updated at 1700Z.  I’m not sure I have the ability to see which keys were updated but I’d love to know how that happened.

2011 NTS Summary

A recent discussion on the Radiogram listserv got me wondering about my traffic handling numbers since I started working in NTS in 2010.  Here’s what I came up with:

In 2010 I handled 960 messages, sending 250 of my own.  In 2011, however, I handled 1658, creating 365 myself.  That’s a ~73% increase in messages handled over 2010!  What’s funny is looking at the numbers I took a break at the beginning of 2011 and didn’t really start handling traffic seriously until September.  I handled the majority of my messages during the last quarter of 2011.  I’m hoping the trend continues and the NTS continues to be a strong component of the ARRL.

2011 2010
January 12 83
February 0 140
March 0 98
April 0 65
May 17 60
June 4 20
July 0 45
August 0 64
September 106 94
October 488 44
November 485 138
December 546 109
TOTAL 1658 960
% Change 72.71%
Total Messages 365 250
% Change 46.00%

December NTS Numbers

NTS LogoDecember was a busy month for me.  Not only did I have a new harmonic join the family (callsign will be forthcoming in the next few years, I hope) but I also took some TCC shifts as well.  The NTS message numbers speak for themselves:

Originated: 3
Received: 212
Sent: 327
Delivered: 4
Total Message Count: 546

This also means that I finally made the Brass Pounders League since I handled over 500 messages!  Whew!  It was a lot of fun and I hope I can continue the trend into 2012.

My PSHR came out to be 1/40, 2/40, 3/20, 4/0, 5/0, 6/10, T/110.  Nothing earth shattering there.

First QSO of 2012

The first QSO of 2012 was with a good friend of mine, Joe K4EIT.  Joe received his ticket late last year and I have been trying to hook up with him ever since.  With our schedules dividing us it has been difficult at best.  Today, however, the planets aligned and I was able to help him get his transceiver aligned.  He’s in the log but not getting one of my QSL cards until I get a CW QSO in the books as well.  🙂