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Spring cleaning means… things for sale!

It’s Spring cleaning time, again, and I’m offering up the following items for sale:

  • Kenwood TS-480SAT HF transceiver.  Includes power cable, hand microphone, and original box.  $700 obo + shipping.
  • Kenwood TS-790A with the UT-10.  144/432/1200MHz all-mode transceiver.  Includes power cable, hand microphone, and original box.  This radio includes the modification for full-duplex 9600-baud operation for satellite operation.  $1200 obo + shipping.
  • Midland 70-056C low band transceiver with mobile mount, power cable, hand microphone and telephone-style microphone, two speakers, and three faces.  Midland specs say the unit can be programmed from 40MHz to 54MHz and is 110 watts.  Several six-meter frequencies already programmed!  Trunk mount.  $300 obo + shipping.
  • Ten-Tec Argosy HF transceiver with power supply and mobile mounting bracket.  $250 + shipping.
  • Maha MH-C777 universal charger.  No plug (takes 12-18V input).  $15 + shipping.
  • 1988 ARRL Antenna Book.  Rough condition.  Free + shipping.
  • JT-30 Astatic microphone housing, element, and stand, black.  $150 obo + shipping.
  • Courier Port-A-Lab meter.  Free + shipping.

Pictures available upon request.

Interested parties may contact me at W4OTN@W4OTN.#TIDE.VA.USA.NOAM or

Upcoming public service events

Bill, KG4CXY, just sent out this year’s big public service events.  If you are interested in these or other events in eastern North Carolina please visit

Goin’ Coastal Bike Ride – May 5th
The first annual running of the Goin’ Coastal bike ride to benefit the Coastal Land Trust will be held in New Bern. A 30K, 70K, and 100K course is planned.  This one goes way into the boonies of the Eastern coast, and we envision needing about 15 ham volunteers for shadows, SAGs, net control, rest stops and a variety of other assignments.ere are the upcoming events for Spring 2012:
Time: 7:00am – 5:00pm
See the CHH web page to volunteer.

Tour de Cure – June 2nd & 3rd
Time again for the 200 mile/2 day Tour de Cure to benefit the American Diabetes Association.  One of our largest events of the year – and we can never have too many volunteers for this event.
Time: 7:00am – 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday
See the CHH web page to volunteer.

Ride Without Limits – Sept 15th & 16th
June 11, 2011 – Saturday – Pittsboro, NC
The 5th annual Ride without limits to benefit Easter Seals/United Cerebral Palsy.  A 200 mile/2 day Bike run that starts and finishes at Camp Royale in Pittsboro.  Again, we can never have too many volunteers for this event.
Time: 7:00am – 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday
See the CHH web page to volunteer.

Antenna maintenance

Harlan helping with antenna maintenance.

Harlan helping with antenna maintenance.

The weather was nice enough for me to get some of my antenna maintenance done that I couldn’t do during the cold winter months.  First on the list was to completely remove the 23cm (1.2GHz) antenna from the top of the tower.  While I’ve had good luck working stations up into New England from here on the band the antenna had lost the bolts holding it to the tower and was now fouling my two meter and seventy centimeter yagis. I also decided to remove the two meter yagi (13B2) from the tower and turn the seventy centimeter yagi vertical to accommodate better communications with the LPEN packet node.  I did place a two meter j-pole at the top to give me local coverage.

In addition to the tower work I was able to clean up a few projects in the back yard.  My four-element six meter yagi has now been disassembled and stored for future use.  A couple of expandable poles that were in the back yard have also been cleaned up and stored.  All that’s left is cleaning up the Butternut vertical antenna.  It was taken down for Hurricane Irene and wasn’t put back in service due to several problems I have had with it at this location (worked great in North Carolina).  I’m hoping my next location will yield a better location for this antenna.

While I got a lot accomplished I did have a little help.  Amanda fixed the j-pole I was installing (needed to be soldered in a couple of places) and Harlan came out, with wrench in hand, to work on the six meter antenna.  I’m certainly glad I have a supportive family!

Amazon Instant Video and Linux

Yesterday I had a hankering to watch Rocky IV.  (I don’t know either.  Perhaps it was all the Survivor Pandora played for me in the morning.)  I had always wanted to try out Amazon’s Instant Video system but wasn’t sure if it would work with Linux since other offerings seem to be pro-DRM and less open.  I did a quick read up on the subject and because Amazon uses Flash (yeah, I know… another topic for another day) their system can be used by any computing device that supports Flash.  Perfect.  So I was able to rent Rocky IV and watch it without any problems.  I’ll definitely be coming back to Amazon in the future!  Thanks Amazon!