Monthly Archives: October 2012

My password

Just reviewed my stats on my blog…  For the person searching ‘sparks password’ you probably won’t find it via Google.  Just sayin’.

Looking for a LUG

Later this week I’ll be moving up to Deale, Maryland.  I’ve been learning about some of the local activities that are available up there but I don’t know much about the local Linux user groups (LUGs) in that area.  A quick search of the Internet turned up the Annapolis LUG and the DCLUG.  I wonder if there are others up in the area or if anyone knows anything about either of those two LUGs.  Drop me a note!

Beautiful music from around the world

I love to use my little Grundig shortwave receiver to tune in the world, at night, in hopes of tuning in traditional music from lands I’ve never visited.  With fewer stations on the air it’s becoming more difficult to find these stations.  I thought I’d share one station that continues the tradition of news, current events, and music.

Radio Taiwan International can be heard on 5950kHz and 9680kHz each night in North America.  On Wednesday mornings (UTC) a signature program, Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes, is broadcast.  The program is great and brings the sounds of the orient right to your home.  It is an award-winning program that should entertain your ears.

Radio Ukraine International used to broadcast several classical music programs before their transmitters went dark.  Radio Bulgaria was also an excellent station that was worth tuning in before it went Internet-only (not much radio in the Internet).

If anyone knows of any other good stations please post a comment and I’ll include them.



Today I boxed up my radios, rolled up the coax, and removed all my antennas from their heights.  This is all in preparation for our move to Maryland in a few days.  We have almost completely packed up everything we own and either moved it to the boat, into storage, or given it away.  Once we completely move onto the boat I’ll be back active on HF using an Icom M-802 and a vertical antenna.

I’m hoping to be back on the air on a regular basis very soon.  Hope to hear you there!