Monthly Archives: June 2013

Upcoming IOTA Activations

I’m currently planning on two IOTA DXpeditions: Smith Island (NA-140) and Hatteras (Pea) Island (NA-067).  The DXpedition to Smith Island is up in the air due to my having to sail there but the latter to Hatteras Island will definitely happen unless there is some hurricane that forces us to stay home.

Smith Island

Smith Island is a small island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.  Available only by boat, we’ll be sailing there to operate from the marina using shore-based antennas and transceivers.  I’ll provide an update as it gets closer to the time to make our way south.  Operation will be over the last weekend in July 2013 for the annual IOTA Contest.  Operation will be most likely be 10m through 40m phone.  I may be able to do some CW as well depending on how much practice I get before then.

Smith Island isn’t going to happen for the IOTA contest this year. I will try to make it over there later this year, however.

Hatteras Island

I’ll be on vacation August 4th through the 10th on Hatteras Island.  Operating will be vacation-style and I’ll try to be available 6m through 40m, phone and CW.  I know this island group has been well represented in the past so I don’t expect many pileups but maybe I can work some rare ones myself!

Again, I’ll update this post as time gets closer for these events to happen.


The Guardian: I’d pay more for tech products with greater privacy from surveillance

I thought this was a fantastic article.  It skims over the fact that if you aren’t paying for a service then you are probably the product being sold.  Google, Facebook, and many other companies make billions of dollars off of data about every one of its users.  It’s wrong to sell our privacy and it’s one of the reasons I’m not on Facebook, that I no longer use Google’s tools and apps, and why I look everyday for more open source solutions that don’t lock me in to their service.