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SOTA Awards Received

Yesterday I received, by way of U.K. Royal Mail and the U.S. Postal Service, two SOTA awards!  The first is my award for chasing 100 points-worth of summits:

WG3K's SOTA 100 Points Chaser AwardThe second award is the SOTA Mountain Hunter – Bronze award where I had to work at least two summits in at least five mountain associations:

WG3K's SOTA Mountain Hunter - Bronze AwardHopefully I’ll have some activator awards in the coming year!

38,000 Miles per Watt endorsement

SKCC 1,000 Miles per Watt Award 38000Earlier today I made contact with Bert, F6HKA, at a distance of 3,845 miles.  We first made contact on 15 meters using 5 watts.  The band conditions were so good that I hooked up the K1 and we made contact on 17 meters.  That 17m contact was made with my side running only 100 mW which equates to 38,450 miles per watt.  This is the kind of contact I was hoping to log running milliwatts.  I always enjoy talking to Bert and am happy that he was able to hear my QRPp signal.  As long as the daytime bands keep being quiet perhaps I’ll be able to best my current record.  I’ll keep trying.

1,000+ MPW award… finally!

SKCC 1,000 Miles per Watt Award 2000 MPWA few months ago I reported that I had achieved the 1,000 miles per watt SKCC award only later to find out that my radio was putting out 7 watts instead of the 0.1 watts I thought it was putting out.  After sending the radio off for repair (there were a few other issues that cropped up) I now have a working radio that has been fully calibrated.  One of my first contacts was with K2PAY in New York.  I was able to work him with my 100mW and put him in the log at a distance of 240 miles and 2402 miles per watt!

I’m happy to have the award with the 2,000 miles per watt endorsement.

SKCC 1,000 Miles per Watt Award


It would appear that my K1 is stuck transmitting 6 to 7 watts no matter what the power output setting is.  I can only assume that the contacts I made for this award were not made using 100 mW but rather 7W.

I have already responded to the award coordinator and to the SKCC group, in general.  Now I need to figure out why the radio is doing this and how to fix it so I can actually go try to make these contacts.  *sigh*

Last night I dusted off my Elecraft K1 transceiver and hooked it up to my Carolina Windom antenna so I could work some locals on QRP.  On a whim I decided to call WB5KSD on a 40m frequency he was on using only 100 milliwatts.  To my surprise not only did he answer me but also gave me a signal report of 559.  Needless to say, I was in shock.  That is a distance of 1,875km (1,165mi)!

About fifty minutes later I decided to work K5TRI as we had tried to work QRP x2 a couple of nights before without luck.  He was operating as K3Y/7 and also responded with a 559 from near Redmond, WA.  Astounded, I let him know that I was running a tenth of a watt and he replied that the signal was good.  The distance between he and I, coast to coast, is about 3,768km (2341.4 mi).  We repeated the contact some forty minutes later although the band was starting to close by then and significant fading was present.

I submitted my award request to W0EJ who formally presented my award this morning.  According to the roster my contact puts me in fifth place behind KC9IL at 146,500 (who the heck did he talk to and at what power?), AK4JA at 98,500, K8PG at 70,500, and AC2C at 38,000.  I’ve got my eye on a couple of stations out in Hawaii so maybe I’ll be able to extend my endorsement one day.

SKCC: I now have my Centurion!

I received the following message from Ron Bower, AC2C, after submitting my SKCC award log last night:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather 'round and pay heed to the news of this

Let there be celebration to recognize a fellow SKCC member who
has advanced to the Centurion level of SKCC achievement !!!

Having submitted a log and sworn statement, documenting the
completion of QSOs with 100 other SKCC members, Eric Christensen,
W4OTN, SKCC #7320, is duly proclaimed to be SKCC Centurion Number
1107 effective at 0000Z on 21 Jan 2015. SKCC Centurions are
encouraged to proclaim their accomplishment by appending a C to
their SKCC Number.

The Master Centurion List has been duly scribed where all SKCC
Members may reflect upon and pay tribute to this momentous

Duly approved, recorded, and published.

I set forth my hand and key.

20 Jan 2015

Ron Bower, AC2C
SKCC 2748S
SKCC Centurion Administrator

Woot!  So as of tonight at 0001Z I now can append a “C” to my SKCC membership number!  I guess I’ll start working on my “T“, next.

DXCC Entities #100 and #101 confirmed!

Well, I finally received QSLs for DXCC entities 100 and 101!  HD2A sent his card for our 15m contact thus confirming Ecuador for number 100 and then YN2EA confirmed our contacts on 15m and 20m for Nicaragua and entity number 101.

It’s official, I now qualify for DXCC!  Woot!  Only 237 countries left!

Kudos to the ARRL WAS Awards desk…

Kudos to the ARRL WAS Awards desk for quickly processing my application for Worked All States (WAS) – Basic.  I sent in the three QSL cards, representing the three states that I didn’t have confirmed via the LoTW, to the ARRL for checking.  Exactly one week after sending the cards to the card checker I received them back.  That’s quick service!

IARU's Worked All Continents – RTTY Award

On October 20th I completed my application and sent my cards to the ARRL for verification that I had met the requirements for the IARU’s “Worked All Continents” award. Exactly seven days later I not only had my cards returned but also had my certificate as well. Now that is fast!

By the way, I opted for the RTTY version vice the “mixed” version. I wonder if that will come back to haunt me later. Onward to DXCC and WAS!