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Confirmed DXCC Entity #149: South Cook Islands

E51JD QSL CardThursday was QSL bureau day (the day in which I receive cards from the bureau).  If that wasn’t exciting enough, I also received an envelope with a return address of “Rarotonga, Cook islands”!  Oh yeah, I finally got E51JD confirmed!  This is my 149th confirmed DXCC entity.

The stamp on the envelope was quite neat with a snail on it.  But it was what was inside the envelope, other than the card, that made this QSL special.

Front of a Cook Island coin Front of a Cook Island coin




The paper enclosed with the coin says:

The coin portrays TANGAROA,
Lord of the sea and one of the
Great deities of the Polynesian
race. In ancient times this god
was one of the principal gods of
Rarotonga and adjacent islands.
This coin was withdrawn from
circulation some months after it
was issued when it was realized
that it was the same size as a ten
cent coin used in slot machines.

Honestly, I’m just happy that my card was received at the distant end with an address that went something like (Pacific Islands via New Zealand).

ARRL Sweepstakes contest and LoTW

The ARRL Sweepstakes contest (phone) took place last weekend and I spent a few hours on the air making a few contacts. Although I didn’t have much time to spend on the event I did add twenty new contacts to my log. Since I’m working on my WAS from my new home in Maryland (contacts made before I moved up here don’t count since they were made greater than 50 miles away) working the Sweepstakes contest let me add a few more states to my log (I now have twenty-four states confirmed via LoTW). I wish I had had more time to devote to the event but I’m glad I worked the stations that I did.

I downloaded my LoTW QSLs today and found that fourteen twelve stations have already uploaded their contest contacts. That’s really great to already have those states confirmed so quickly. I wish everyone did this.

I’ll update this when the contest results are available.

New maritime mobile QSL

While I haven’t worked much in the way of DX since moving onto the boat I have worked some (and would like to work more!).  I’ve been contemplating using a different QSL card for those contacts and last night I opened up GIMP and started playing around.  I’m pretty happy with what I came up with:



The back of the card has a nice picture of our surroundings coming out of the channel at Smith Island.  To see that, though, you’ll have to work me while I’m on the boat.  I hope I get to send this card out to lots of people!

Bureau Cards Received

Received bureau cards today.  All from Europe and no new confirmations but I always enjoy receiving the art work that is QSLs.  Confirmations received from:


My Europe stack of cards is getting too big for the container now!

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Received a nice surprise in the mail, today.  TG9AHM sent his card, a sticker of the Guatemala flag, and two smaller stickers showing the image from the front of the QSL card.  Very nice!  The stamps on the envelope were also a nice surprise and will immediately go into my collection.

Bureau cards received today

I was surprised to see a bureau envelope in my mailbox today. I really wasn’t expecting it as I haven’t really been on the air that much but some how they had some cards for me.

Cards received today:
SP9LJD – Poland
NP2/AK2P – St. Croix Island
LX7I – Luxembourg
VE2AXO – Quebec
OL3Z – Czech Republic
VE2XAA – Montreal
OK1DO – Czech Republic
DR1A – Germany
VE1MC – Nova Scotia
VA1CHP – Nova Scotia
ON4IQ – Belgium
OK1CF – Czech Republic

QSLs out for delivery

Got 114 QSLs mailed to the ARRL Outgoing Bureau yesterday. Costs less than $3.00 for shipping so I’m happy about that. I also sent out a handful of DX cards via Airmail as well. All but five have been sent as I’m waiting for IRCs from the Post Office (they are out in Portsmouth). Hopefully my mailbox will start filling up soon! 🙂