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“You’re not allowed to join this video call.”

“You’re not allowed to join this video call.” was the greeting I found while trying to log into my astronomy class tonight.  Thanks to Google and their Hangout app I’ve missed my last night of classes.  Fantastic.

I blame Google for this, honestly, but I wonder if they are really the problem.  They provide a service that has complex relationships with their other “products” and they provide this all for “free” to anyone that is willing to sign up (and allow them to track your every move).  I’m sure they never said the thing would have certain availability (how could they, they are utilizing the Internet as a transport layer) so I have no expectation of this thing working… ever.  And this is what happens when, as a society, we continue to embrace proprietary services that are completely out of our control.  Even if there was some sort of agreement that this stuff would work all the time I would still be sitting here unable to join my class.  Even from my FOSS software-running computer I am at the mercy of our proprietary overlords.  It’s sad.

Dressed for success… I hope.

Shirt that says 01000100 01000001 01000100

I've been labeled.

My wife, being the organized one in our household, believes that everything has a place and everything in its place.  Items should also be labeled so that you know what they are, their purpose, and most importantly where they are supposed to be at any given time.  So it was no surprise to me that I finally received my label (see shirt to the left).

Shirt tagI’ve been told I can’t wear it just yet as it’s not official but that I should bring it to the hospital.  That’s cool.  I understand not having the label until the kid comes and all but I felt the need to share my new toy.  I’m quite excited and will wear it with pride.

The best part was that my developer/programmer father-in-law immediately knew what it meant and started laughing.  I think he was a bit jealous and we may need to find one that labels him as well.  Maybe not in binary but rather in COBOL.

I also thought a picture of the tag would also be a good addition.  Glad to know that I can’t put it in the dishwasher, that it’s for external use only (glad I read that one since I was getting ready to do something that would have been embarrassing), and yes the contents are hot.

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