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I’m an Amateur Radio operator. There are certain pieces of software that I need to use. Most of them are not available for the *nix platform. So I use tools to help me run them. Virtual software like Xen, Wine, and Sun’s VirtualBox have helped me but I still can’t get everything working properly. Either the OS or the software doesn’t work right or I get everything working except the virtualized OS doesn’t see the USB device or the serial port which throws me back to square one.

So I reluctantly decided to dual boot my laptop. Run F9 and Windows XP together. It would be annoying to have to do this and I really hate the idea of having a Windows install.

Oh and that won’t work, either. I boot from my XP install disk and the screen goes blank. I simply cannot win.

So I’m just plain frustrated. It is two days before Hurricane Season officially begins (and two months since I really started the project) and I need to have this software up and running properly. Does anyone know of a virtualization program that would allow me to run XP and allow the OS to actually utilize the serial port or the USB ports?