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I used to run a LinFBB BBS in Newport News, Virginia.  The BBS bridged the National Traffic System Digital network and the Virginia Digital Emergency Network (VDEN).  Now that I live in Maryland there isn’t any real packet networks to connect to and my BBS has remained unused code on my laptop.

I recently started exchanging messages with VE3GT on 40m and 80m using PACTOR and remembered how fun it was.  I’m investigating standing up a BPQ BBS with an existence on HF and perhaps a VHF or UHF frequency.

As of now I’ll be scanning a few HF frequencies for my mailbox.  Feel free to connect up to WG3K using PACTOR, PACTOR-II, or PACTOR-III and leave me a message.

HF Frequencies Scanned*

  • 80m – 3591.9 kHz
  • 40m – 7100.4 kHz
  • 30m – 10140.9 kHz
  • 20m – 14097.9 kHz
  • 17m – 18107.9 kHz

*All frequencies listed are center frequencies.

4 thoughts on “BBS Project

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  2. Chuck Gould

    DE N4YXW in Warrenton. I run a jnos board on 145.730 and 145.070 and saw your message dated 1/17/12 regarding bulletins. What is the best path to get to you? Also wouldn’t mind to try to experiment with telnet forwarding. I have Hughes net so I would have to connect to you. but over the air fowarding would be fine to. Are you off the tide node? My path is :
    FBBS9 ->Kr4PK-2->cara->tide


    1. Eric Post author

      I’m actually off of LPEN, one more hop down from TIDE. I’ll try to connect up to you now.

  3. Chuck Gould

    I replied to the message, I am actually off KR4PK-2. I seem to drop off the node list on CARA. Earl has them all manually set. I run JNOS and Broadcast my Node but CARA which is up 4000 ft seems to drop me most of the time. But LINDND has me in there. I try to get to you this weekend.


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