Securing Secure Shell

Tue 06 January 2015

I was passed an interesting article, this morning, regarding hardening secure shell (SSH) against poor crypto that can be a victim of cracking by the NSA and other entities.  The article is well written and discusses why the changes are necessary in light of recent Snowden file releases.

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Tue 19 March 2013

Last week while publishing a new guide I ran into a problem creating the Transifex client configuration file (.tx/config).  The configuration file is generally a hateful file that requires a lot of manual manipulation to add in all the POT files for translation.  This file exponentially increases the hatefulness …

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Mutt Configuration of GPG and From field

Wed 07 November 2012

Mutt is one of those programs I have a love-hate relationship with: I hate to love it.  It's flexibility and almost infinite configuration options makes this email client one of the best and worst to use.  Once you get mutt configured you'll want to put the configuration file in the …

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Setting up nVidia drivers

Thu 14 October 2010

At work I always forget this so this is a technical note for myself. Maybe it will help you too?

  • Run lspci to determine what controller you have.
  • Visit the nVidia driver website and select your controller.
  • Stop X (telinit 3)
  • Download the file and chmod 500.
  • Verify you have …

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