Bee Diary: 2018-05-31

Thu 31 May 2018

Harlan and I made a quick visit to the hive today. I was very proud that Harlan not only voluntarily came to the hive but also got within a meter of the hive to checkout what the bees looked like coming and going.

There was less of an ant highway, today, but that was only because they had finished moving in to the top of the hive. Lifting the lid showed hundreds of ants, and their larvae piled up in the center, just waiting for the next phase of their invasion plan. I was able to evict many of the ants and larvae but I’m not optimistic that those actions were somehow long-term fixes. The ants were none-to-happy with my treatment and managed to get under my shirt and left me some feedback.

Other than that, all looked well. The bees were humming along inside, lots of pollen sacs were coming back in filled, and I received no negative reports from the bee residents.

To Do

  1. Inspect the medium box (empty) for ants and evict them if seen.

    • Try cinnamon?

  2. Inspect brood box to make sure:

    • eggs are visible

    • everyone is happy

  3. Tilt the hive forward instead of back.

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